A Taste of Georgia


Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, UPS delivered a package, with my name on it.  A little early for Christmas.. Much too late for a birthday…???  Turned out it was from my Patterson, Georgia cousin, and it was full of shelled pecans!  Now pecans come in all states and conditions.  What you find in the grocery store are typically dessciated at the best and rancid at the worst.  I’d bought a bag at the Amish Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft in early October, but they weren’t really fresh.  Shelled, mostly halves, very fresh, and from family owned trees top the list.  I was thirlled!  You can tell the difference in the flavor.  Jesse’s are excellent.  Shades of walking thru old orchards in Albany, GA crackin’ and munchin’.  Yum Yum Yum!


One response to “A Taste of Georgia

  1. And picking them at dawn on our knees with custom aprons…wish I had a photo of my memory of that scene!!!

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