When Recipes Fail

recipe saved

Departure time minus an hour and a half.  I was due at our annual Christmas potluck for our quilting chapter.  And Joy of Cooking failed me (or maybe the butter was too warm?).  The attempt was to make wedding cookies – the ones full of pecans that melt in your mouth.  Unfortunately, all I got were crumblies – even after taking the pan out to the porch for rapid cool down.  At which point the resident chef stepped in and saved the day! 

At his direction I made a Bisquick pie crust and spread it in the bottom of a small oblong pyrex dish and sprinkled with powedered sugar.  Then shoveled in the crumblies and chef-man cut strips of the remaining crust and latticed them across the top.  We then baked at 350 for 20 minutes.  To add some color and flavor, the chef guy spooned grape jelly inside the lattice strips.  Then we brushed the strips with melted butter and dusted the whole thing with powdered sugar.  I carefully shifted the hot dish to a basket and rushed out the door.

Wonder of wonders, it was delicious!  The appearance was complimented and I was even asked for the recipe!  Comment was it tasted like shortbread.  Hmmmm…


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