Late Autumn Morning


25 degrees this morning!!  It may not be Winter quite yet, but it certainly feels like it.  I took this photo as the early sun was streaming in on my house-bound plants.  You can also see our new Chrismassy placemates, courtesy of sister DK’s holiday spirit package!  You may be able to make out the label on the green composition notebook: “Piece of Cake” – wedding planning essentials. 

My cup of tea, in one of my favorite mugs, was just the right temperature, but instead of getting ready to sit down, I was on my way out to book club.  Stormy Weather was our read for today – interesting story about depression times in the oil fields.  And once again, talking it over with good friends deepened the value of the tale. 

You can see in the photo, over to the right, the original-design book rack made by my father – a wonderful help when reading thru lunch!


One response to “Late Autumn Morning

  1. Your breakfast nook looks so inviting! Whit loves the bicycle book and sox – she just opened her pressies – and especially the old photo of her Ps!
    We’re saving our gifties for the real day, but she flies back to Chicago today – boo hoo!!!!!

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