At the Playground, and Japanese Blogging

Playground magic   Lily almost walking     Lily and Mom 

I’m slow posting these photos – they were taken the Friday before Christmas.  It was a bit nippy, but Julia and I had a grand time at the playground with Elijah and Lily.  The latter was bundled in Eli’s last winter coat, so one would think she could barely move.  That would, however, be incorrect.  Set her down at your peril!  It was too damp to turn her loose on the mulch, but she crawled happily on the gratings.  And knee-walked.  Still gettting the hang of fully upright locomotion.  Not too many photos of Eli – he was moving too fast! 

It’s a beautiful sunny New Year’s Day here in Richmond land this morning.  The resident Sound man is recovering from last night’s gig and I’m contemplating raiding the quilt store!

Did you know that in the last quarter of 2006, 37% of blogs were written in Japanese? 36% were in English and 8% were in Chinese. Who knew?! According to the author an article in yesterday’s Times Dispatch, Blaine Harden, the Japanese blog to fit in and focus on what he refers to as ‘small stuff’ – cats and flowers, bicycles and breakfast, gadgets and TV stars.  He says that compared with Americans, they write at less length, anonymously, and a whole lot more often.  Check out his 12/06 article in the Washington Post, reprinted in the Times Dispatch:


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