Coming back around

Preemie Quilts

These are 15 1/2″ preemie quilts – they’ll go via Virginia Consortium of Quilters to hospitals in central Virginia.  According to our coordinator, often the mothers “wear” the quilts before thay are placed with the babies so that the mother’s scent helps comfort the baby. 

Interesting story on these particular blocks.  They were made by a good friend and excellent seamstress who attended a sampler quilt class that I taught at my church in 2003.  Life intervened and she didn’t finish the sampler. 

Fast forward to 2006, when she passed several bags of scraps and unfinished projects to my daugher for her sewing adventures.  Said daughter then passed what she didn’t use to me!  And I found these wonderfully colorful 12 1/2″ blocks, crying out for closure.  So they laid around in my studio, waiting to be extended to the 15″ to 18″ dimensions for the preemie quilts. 

Forgetting the requested dimensions (did I mention they’d been around for awhile?), I whipped up the small quilts on New Years Day, only to realize they were too small.  Solution – separately quilted borders, zig zagged stitched to the finished blocks! 


One response to “Coming back around

  1. Those are such cheerful colors, they should liven up the preemie cribs terrifically!! And a nice history, besides – did you put tags on them crediting the ensemble creative team?

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