Raggedy Anne as a blonde

Raggedy Anne

Meet Raggedy Anne, in a blonde incarnation!  I’d all the Christmas presents bought and wrapped, when my fellow grandperson said, “Lily needs a doll from her Grandpa. Can’t you make one for me?”  At just past 1 year old, she may be a bit young yet for dolls, but here’s what I came up with!  And Lily gave Anne a big hug, after helping her mom rip open the package.

The doll was made from an old pattern, probably from the 70’s – the price on the envelope was 85 cents!  Lily loves plush yellow toys and blankets, so Anne’s hair is from a fleece jacket (those sleeves were too long anyway).  And the quilted dress and pockets on the pinafore are from leftovers from my studio curtains.  (Initially she only had a dress and pantaloons, but customer Grandpa felt strongly that she should have pockets, and they worked better on the apron than the dress.) There was just enough red and white striped fabric lying around to make the stockings!  The body is from an old white t-shirt, tea-dyed. 


One response to “Raggedy Anne as a blonde

  1. What a great interpretation of Raggedy!! Devon was shocked at the lack of traditional red hair, but I pointed to your comment that Lily likes yellow!!

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