On the Trail

On the trail  Buttermilk Spring  Sycamores  River Rocks

The weather here in Richmond Town has been wonderfully mild the last couple of days.  On Sunday, anticipating plenty of company from others celebration the warmth, I hiked along the Buttermilk Trail, which parallells the James River as it approaches the downtown area.  I’ve been along the paved trail that runs along side the river, but not on the Buttermilk.  It was a very pleasant stroll.  Over the past several years it has become a high quality mountain bike route, and I met several bikers as well as joggers and warm-weather walkers.  I saw only one or two pieces of litter, and even with the leaves off the trees I could seldom tell that I was in an urban park.  If you’d like to see a map of the James River Park, check out this link: http://originmedia.gatewayva.com/photos/rtd/special/JamesRiver/river.htm

Several highlights of my day out –

I discovered why its called the Buttermilk Trail – after the Buttermilk Spring! According to the park marker, farmers in the 1800’s stock-piled milk cans in the cool water before sale downtown.  Apparently there was a big wooden holding tub, that has since rotted away. Water flow is less that it was at that time, due to development.

I entered the trail at the 42nd street parking area and walked up to the 22nd street pedestrian walkway over the railroad.  At the top of the crossover I had a beautiful view of the rocky side of the river, and the strikingly winter white sycamore trees.  They grow all along the James, and everytime I see them I think of the river.

From that point I scrambled across the rocks to Belle Isle, stopping frequently for photographs, until the batteries died!  Oh, well.  So I don’t have any pix of the quarry on the island, or the Canada Geese that were feeding in one of the rock ponds.  But the light on the rocks was amazing!


One response to “On the Trail

  1. Beautiful shots – I want to go walking! The last weekend of break when I planned to hike was wet and too slippery for trails (what a great excuse!)
    Whit says they are having a few days of 60s warmth!
    We, meanwhile are shivering with 50s in the morning!
    moral: it’s all relative!!

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