Stars at Night

art doll with suitcase  art doll from back  art doll with ferns

Here’s art doll, ‘Stars at Night’.  Response from in house critics was lukewarm, and included the word scary, but I’m happy with her for a first attempt.  Hands and ears need some work.  She glows in the dark, which is cool!  Pattern was from the book, Ceative Cloth Doll Making, by Patti Medaris Culea.  I think of her as my no-worry-wedding fairy!


3 responses to “Stars at Night

  1. I love her!! You could probably eliminate ears if they are a problem and just increase the hair coverage. Do the arms and legs have a wire armature to make them poseable?

  2. This doll doesn’t include any armature – the arms and legs are already bent and tightly stuffed. The arms are sewn to the body at one point, which gives them some poseability. For the legs, thread is sewn from one side thru the leg, body, and other leg, then back again at almost the same point. This allows them to pivot and pose.

  3. Ok, it doesn’t look scary anymore now that it has a head and some clothes. I think the angles of the arms and legs just looked freakishly weird before they were sewn on, but they look GREAT now. And you didn’t tell me it glows in the dark!

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