Birthday Open house

julia and debra  the guys  lily standing  On the Run

We attended an excellent 3-year-old birthday celebration yesterday – held as an open house!  Our visits overlapped around 1 o’clock.  Some of us visited before that and some afterwards, but we all had cake and ice cream together.  Worked out very well! 

Big news is that Lily is walking!  Bit of a beginner’s stagger, and not covering much distance yet, but she’s figuring it out.  Grandpa Tim took the older kids outside and ran them around for awhile – with Elijah right in the middle of it!  In front of him in the photo is Chloe Boltz, one of Zach’s half sisters, and behind Eli is Daysia, daughter of Julia’s good friend Tracie.


One response to “Birthday Open house

  1. Thanks for coming! BTW, it’s “Deysia” and not “Daysia”. 😉

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