One Week To Go!

dove hanging  my dress  purse

The wedding is almost upon us.  Debra and her old roommate practiced putting her hair up last night – haven’t gotten the report on that yet but whatever they do it will be beautiful. 

My dress is ready, with matching reticule.  I found the metal clasp frame at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival on Thursday, and used a button from my stash as accent.  The fabric matches the sleeveless top I made, which you can’t see in the pix.  I’d bought a chain strap, but I was afraid it would pull the delicate fabric of the jacket, so I robbed the clasps and made a fabric strap.  I really like the dress, and found shoes that are a perfect color match. 

I wanted a wedding themed wall hanging for our front door, so made this one last weekend from images from the web.  I’m very pleased with the way it came out. Doves and rosebuds are fused, then stitched over with decorative threads. 


One response to “One Week To Go!

  1. Beauty!! I love the doves hanging – and your dress and purse – does your clock have 36 hours in a day??? I don’t how you make time to do all your creative stuff!! Are you wearing your hair up?
    Do wish I could be there, and I will be in spirit…

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