Catching Up

favorite wedding pix  Debra leaves  Virginia House Camillas

Faithful readers, I think I’ve recovered from the wedding!  It was a wonderful day. You see above my favorite photo of Debbie and David just as they’ve left the sword arch at the Carillon.  She was a lovely bride, and we’re thrilled to have him as a son. 

Now they’re on the west coast, and we won’t see much of them.  Sigh.  But they’ll have many adventures together.  The second photo is right before their departure.  I was so pleased that sister Julia and the grandkids were able to join us in our goodbyes. 

More to come, in more frequent posts, so stay tuned!  I leave you with a shot from the Virginia House, a happy discovery last week.  I went there with Julia, Elijah and Lily for an Easter egg hut, which was great fun.  The gardens are beautiful, and free!


One response to “Catching Up

  1. welcome back to blogland!
    hope your days are a bit less stressful now that the big event is a treasured memory 🙂

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