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eyes closed  yo yo dolls  flower fairies

It was wonderful to have my sister here with us over Easter.  And one of the best parts was working together so easily in my studio.  The first photo shows the nap cloth she stitched up and embellished for our dad, who tends to drool when he fall asleep in his chair.  Hope you can read its message! 

 While she was working on that, I was stitching up the heads for the yo yo dolls, so I could put them together while we drove up to Charlottesville that Friday to tour around.  I wanted to get them finished for the grands for Easter.  (On the retreat I’ll cover tomorrow, several of the ladies had helped me with the yo yos.)  They got done in time and were a big hit! 

Our next sister-project was the wee folk faries made from pipecleaners with acorn caps for hats, as described in Salley Mavor’s book, Felt Wee Folk.  Donna went with purple and green, while I chose daffodil colors.  They’re fun to do, and make great corsages.

I don’t have a picture, but we also made 32 quilt blocks using the 5-minute block:

1. Lay two squares of fabric right sides together. We used 5″ squares, but any size will work.

2. On the top square, draw diagonally from one corner to the other then repeat for the other two corners making an ‘X’.

3. Stitch the four sides of the squares together.

4. Slit the top square along the marked lines.  Don’t cut thru the stitching or the bottom square of fabric.

5. Open the resulting triangle flaps and press!  Works really well with dark and light fabrics – cut half dark squares and the other half light squares.

Tomorrow, Lake Gaston!


One response to “Arts and Crafts

  1. I love the shot of Daddy in the bib!!
    Missing you all this weekend – and Devon has to fly out in the morning…boo hoo!

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