Lake Gaston and Weather Musings

by the lake  bunkroom  lake gaston six

I was going to do this note later today, but a ticking sound caused me to look out the window, and little pellets of ice are bouncing off the roof!  With the redbud blooming in the background!  ‘Snow’ in April?!

Weather has been variable, to say the least, this Spring.  When the pix above were taken in mid March, temps were in the 70’s!  We were a bit further south, near Littleton on Lake Gaston, just over the Va/NC border.  My good P.E.O. buddies and I, the same crew that went to Cape Cod last June, jaunted off to Sissy’s lake retreat.  Her husband built the house some 30 years ago, and its set up for all their family to visit at once. So it easily accomodated the six of us.  You can’t see it in the bunkroom photo, but there’s also a Murphy bed! 

We lounged by the lake in the afternoons, and on Friday toured the town of Littleton and found three letterboxes!  More on that tomorrow…


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