Grandpa’s Kitchen

grandpas kitchen  grandpas pigs  pinecones and daffodils

While we were on our tour of Littleton (see previous post), we became very hungry.  Grandpa’s Kitchen was reputed to have excellent barbecue, so we gave it a try – wonderful!!  The quality of the food was only surpassed by the gracious service.  Johnell, show with me in the first pix, is half owner with her husband, and I think it was her mother overseeing the kitchen.  I thought at first glance that the pigs to the left of the counter were for sale, but they’re all gifts from customers.  It was a very pleasant interlude.  I highly recommend stopping there next time you’re thru Littleton.

Spring rains have blessed Richmond for the past couple of days, but I saw the sun trying to peek thru earlier.  We put in our lettuceses Wednesday, along with brocolli and cabbage.  Today I’ll start my Mortage Lifter and Purple Calabash tomatoe seeds inside.  Can’t wait to see what they produce!  I got them at the Thomas Jefferson Visitors Center in Charlottesville, collected and packaged from the gardens of Monticello.  (And I’ll put in a few Better Boys, for backup.)


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