Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K


Resident sound man had a 7:30 am gig at the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K in downtown Richmond this morning, where he had to start setting up at 5 am.  After he departed, I took a short nap, then decided I’d see what all the ruckus was about.  I’ve been hearing about this 10K for quite a few years now, but never had the urge to attend.  Its not just a race, I found out.  Its mostly an athlete’s block party – and good fun, even if today was a wet version.  The newspaper touted 30,000 runners for this ninth running, and there were at least another 30,000 urging them on.  I got a few snaps – see above.  I think the two women were the contenders for first place in the women’s division.  The younger girls were in the kids’ event, and the mass start was the second of maybe 10 waves. 

I also took a photo that has been edited for your protection, showing the results of an event yesterday – haircut time!  I’d promised myself I’d let my hair grow until after the wedding.  So yesterday most of it came off!!  Fortunately I have several very nice hats, which I may need for the next month or so!  Actually, its not THAT short, but close.


2 responses to “Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K

  1. where’s the photo?? I want to see! Just posted the pix of Devon’s cut and clicked over to check your blog and read that you’ve been snipping, too 🙂

  2. Yeah, where IS the haircut pic?
    p.s. I plan to run that 10K next year! 🙂

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