In response to concerned readers…


So here it is… photos of the new doo!  I discovered this morning that its still just long enough for haircombs to control the wings.  Blow drying was a big help.  I’m content.

Looking back thru Christmas photos, short hair ruled in 1984: girls were 5 and 3 years old, and we all had our hair short for several years for my sanity.  Then in 1998 I cut mine so as to present a more professional appearance.  I got over that.  This time was for simplification, and fun, influenced by sister DK’s carefree styling!


One response to “In response to concerned readers…

  1. Cute! Combs are a great tool, and ears work well also 🙂 Mine is due for a trim, but that’s harder than a full cut so it may grow a bit unruly before I tackle the scissors…

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