Bon Air Garden Tour

Historic Garden Week starts in Virginia this weekend!  Our neighboring community, Bon Air, scheduled their tour this past Sunday to beat the rush, and I was able to go – beautiful gardens!!  The houses weren’t bad either.  Of the 8 gardens I toured, I have a difficult time picking a favorite.  The photos above are from two of them – one on 5 acres tucked away at the back of an older portion of the community with sloping lawns, lovely azaelas, and this lovely ice pond.  The other photos are from a moss garden!  Just what my yard yearns to be!  I’d seen articles on, and the real thing was even lusher.  The third garden that really appealed to me was more an interior courtyard full of bonsai and oriental flavor.  Very nicely done.  The fourth garden was on a serious slope, maybe as much as 45 degrees, and full of 999 azaelas, camellias formed into small trees, and myriad of other plantings.  At that one we had the advantage of a tour lead by the owner/gardner, and I was too captivated by her narrative to remember my camera.  Lovely inspirations!   


One response to “Bon Air Garden Tour

  1. Wonderful way to spend a day! I really must get into gardening mode before it’s too hot for baby plants!!

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