Alice’s Adventures

I woke to the sound of pounding rain this morning, and gave thanks that we planted our tomatoes and peppers on Friday!  As I ran out for the paper, after hustling the remaining seedlings out of the downpour, I realized it was a warm rain – soaking Spring into the ground.

Yesterday was lovely – dogwoods in full bloom and azaelas out everywhere.  Westover Hills, an old established neighborhood, had their annual community-wide yard sales.  It was very pleasant wandering thru the nicely landscaped blocks of unique brick and stone homes.  Highlight of the morning was a 1950’s black Singer 301 longbed sewing machine in a tweed suitcase with all attachments for $100.  In researching this morning, I now know that’s a very good deal, as it’s a lightweight gear-driven machine, like the older featherweights. 

Let that one go, but found a 1897 copy of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in my price range – $.50, same price as it originally sold for!  Poor condition, but excellent candidate for altering/journal projects.

Back to machine quilting the blocks I won at VCQ’s Celebration retreat two years ago.  We’re off to Smith Mountain Lake again this weekend, and I want to get it finished for Show and Tell.  Getting close….


One response to “Alice’s Adventures

  1. Wow! I still love that handwritten copy of alice you gave me years ago with Carroll’s illustrations!

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