Richmond’s Treasure – Maymont

Last Wednesday 17 of our Chapter Y P.E.O.s made an outting to Maymont to tour the Dooley mansion and the gardens.  Sadly photography wasn’t allowed in the home, which was grandly decorated in the Victorian style.  Most of the furnishing are original to the house, and a couple, such as the swan bed and narwal vanity table and chair, were brought from the Dooley’s summer home on Afton mountain, Swananoa.  The Maymont Foundation has done a lovely job of restoration/preservation and the docents did an excellent tour.  For more info, see the web site at:

Four of us intrepid souls stayed for the garden tour.  If you’ve never wandered thru the gardens of Maymont, you may wonder why the drastic drop in numbers.  If you have traisped up and down and up and down and up and…you’ll understand.  The plantings were in full flower and the natural and formal waterfalls were flowing in honor of garden week.  Altogether beautiful!!



One response to “Richmond’s Treasure – Maymont

  1. The italian gardens look beautiful! I’m glad we chose the Carillon in Byrd Park for the wedding instead of Maymont because the flowers wouldn’t have blossomed yet in March – I would have been jealous now seeing them 🙂

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