Smith Mountain Lake Idle

Here’re a few photos from the wonderful weekend retreat at Smith Mountain Lake 4H camp/convention center.  This was the second bi-annual VCQ retreat I’ve attended, and I had even more fun than last time!  The second picture is of our bunkroom – top bunk is mine.  You can see the lovely quilts we all brought for our beds.  There were 151 ladies at the retreat, and four quiltin’ guys.  We were served three bounteous buffets a day of delicious food (someone else was cooking!), three quilt vendors with any goodies you might want/need, and classes for learning more nifty quilting techniques!  The third photo is of me with several of my good roomies in our photos-to-quilts class taught by Annette Kennedy, and the first one shows what I did in our all-day Friday class (and afterwards!).  Here’s a link to Annette’s website:

A good time was had by all.


One response to “Smith Mountain Lake Idle

  1. Thanks for mentioning the vendors in your blog. We had such a good time meeting all the quilters and seeing what beautiful works of art were created. Hope to see you in two years!

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