Quilters’ Tea Party

Last night our local quilt chapter had our annual tea party!  We all brought dainty nibbles and our tea cups, and some of us even wore dresses and hats!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos during the meeting, but I did take a pix of my teacup, which was very well received.  Daughter Debra made it for me one summer in pottery class at Tech.  I love the catepillar handle.

Our program was cancelled at the last minute due to hospitalization of a family member, so we went ‘green’ and shared various recycling tips. Our program chair showed the shopping bag she’s made, lined with a vinyl table cloth, and tiny tooth fairy pillows made from the top/batting/backing leftovers of machine quilting.  (If you’ve ever had a quilt machine quilted, you’re familiar with the requirement to have an extra four inches all the way around so that the quilt can be securely fastened in the quilt frame.)

I showed my blue bottle photo-to-quilt project, and modeled the source of the dark and light blues: a sheer shaded blue blouse from ‘the other fabric store’ (Good Will), minus a few squares of material! 


One response to “Quilters’ Tea Party

  1. I really like the photo quilt! Is the process really fidgetty or something speed-girl dk could tackle??

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