Spring in Full Flower

I had a lovely Mothers Day weekend (always extend celebrations where possible!). See photo above of the roses I took my Mom.  Didn’t get a picture of the dinner hubby cooked for his mother, our daugher & family, and me down in Peterspatch, but take my word that it was delicious!

Spring is in full flower in our neighborhood – other two pix are of mailbox plantings on my walking route.  The wisteria is right across the street from us – the less agressive American variety, not what bloomed a few weeks earlier all over the trees and buildings of Richmond.  I love the clementis – I tried it once, but it failed to flouish.  Their roots need to be cool, but they need a lot of sun – not a combination I was able to provide in our forest hide away.  So I pleased some of our neighbors are more successful!

Blackberry vines are also blooming – I’m keenly atuned to them, as I know the bounty that will follow, come June and July!  Already approaching harvest time are the mulberries – yum, yum, yum.  We found a few barely ripe ones last Saturday on Belle Isle – may have to go back next week.  Memorial Day is my trigger for checking them, but looks like this year that may be a bit late.  Also time for local strawberries.  Life is good!


One response to “Spring in Full Flower

  1. Mama looks good! Talked to Daddy last night and it sounds like you all had a busy, noisy celebration with the wee ones!

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