South of the James Market

Saturday morning I decided to check out our new farmers market in Forest Hill Park, and maybe find some fresh strawberries.  I was expecting 5 or 6 booths, and may be 20 folks looking around.  Not!

There were 40 or more vendors, selling everything from fresh greens, plants, bread, coffee, and biscotti to jewlery, fine art, wood carvings and hats!  It was wonderful. There were even children selling their produce – I bought a fine bundle of Rosemary for $.25.  I also came home with a loaf of delicious bread, most of which is gone already!  I spoke with several people I know from that area and meet the daughter of a fellow quilter.  We lived in Woodland Heights from 1972 until 1989, so it was like going home!

I was very impressed.  Took lots of pictures.  Forgot all about the strawberries, til I noticed in one of my photographs that there were indeed ones there for sale!  Oh well, will have to go back again next weekend!  The market will be open Saturdays from 8am til noon, thru October. 


One response to “South of the James Market

  1. Is this the market where you thought you’d get a booth, or is that one near your garden?
    I need some serious gardening coaching – nothing is thriving except the bamboo!!

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