Estate and Yard Sale Finds

Thursday’s the day I start checking the paper for weekend estate and yard sales.  No estate sales listed today – probably because of the holiday.  But looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of yard sales.  Shown above are some of my recent finds: a shadow box for 50 cents, Madeline doll for $1, Madeline the book for $2, and an authentic Mola for $1.  Madeline has a soft fleece coat that I thought Lily might like, but so far not much interest.  Maybe in a year or two!  The shadow box holds some of my favorite things, and gets them above the clutter of the studio.  The turtle mola reminds me of the textile sessions I taught with my sister for her high school art students in 2005 and 2006, and may do again at some point.  Next time I’ll have an actual example, to go with the arpillera! (see May 24, 2007 post in old blog:


2 responses to “Estate and Yard Sale Finds

  1. Love your treasures!! maybe whit and I will find some yard sales this weekend. We’re having winter weather today and more predicted: blustery chill with occasional showers – and last weekend it was in the 100’s!!

  2. kaleidoscopeimpressions

    Seeing your Madeline doll find brings back the memory of the doll I made for my granddaughter’s 6th birthday! She is 17 now – wonder if she still has it – if not I hope it ended up as a prize for someone else.

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