Hope everyone had a pleasant and safe Memorial Day weekend!  We motored down to Kernersville, NC for the wedding of hubby’s good windsurfing bud, Gary Z.  It was a lovely evening wedding with a ‘desert reception’ – delicious variety of ham biscuits, small quiches, fruit, cookies and truffles.  Not to mention the red velvet wedding cake. We had a grand time!  The reception was in an old home, The Harmon House, built in 1858 and renovated as an events center.  That’s where the photo of best guy and me was taken, in one of many huge mirrors, with full sized silk rose bush.  For more info on the home, check out this link:  http://www.harmon-­ 

We spent the night in the local Sleep Inn – a positive experience, including the smooth switch to a second room after the first had the aromatic allure of a urinal.  The complimentary breakfast included make your own waffles – tasty and crisp! On our return trip Sunday morning we missed the turn at Danville for 360/58 toward South Boston and found ourselves headed on another 360 (?) for Halifax.  Which turned out to be a secret scenic byway thru beautifully bucollic rural splendor.  Did I mention the weather was ideal?  Sunny, comfortable, with fleecy clouds cast across the sky. 

I haven’t quite got the hang of Word Press’ gallery feature, so the photos above are a bit out of order.  The second photo was actually taken on our way down to NC on Saturday, a lovely Spring afternoon.  Behind me was a roadside yardsale, where I scored a navy blue sheet, just what I’ve been looking for to back a navy and burgandy quilt top.  After checking in at the hotel we toured the local thrift stores and sound man found a great deal on some shrink tubing – it looks a little like a bicycle tire tube – flat and black wound on a spool.  But when you apply heat it shrinks.  He uses it in his wiring and such for sound equipment.

Overall a grand adventure! 


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