Shades of Green


The garden is coming along!  And for those of you who have been frustrated in your efforts, or didn’t get a chance to put in some veggies this spring, here’re a few greens.  I wandered about the community gardens one day last week while my favorite garden guy was watering – I was amazed at the variety of verdant shades. (Did you know viridescent is a word?)

Our plot is one of about 30 on one side of Rockwood Park under the power lines.  And there’re another 25 or so on the other side of the park.  We have a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes in our area, as rumor has it that the ‘other side’ is plagued by groundhogs.  We’re only plagued by box turtles, so occasionally we sacrafice a low-hanging tomato.  Garden Guy was harvesting the crop one hot day last summer and discovered a recently munched on red beauty.  Looking down the row, he spied the culprit, scrabbling as fast as she could for sanctuary under the cabbage leaves! 

So yesterday, when the call came that she was back, and apparently laying eggs (!!), I grabbed my camera and motored quickly over to join GP and E.  Unfortunately, I missed that opportunity and settled for turtle/grandchild #1 portrait.  We’ll keep a watch on the possible nest location, and see if anything comes of it!


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