Water Features

I’ve loved fish ponds since I was three years old – I still remember how excited I was when we looked at a new place to live in Barstow, California.  There was a gold fish pond in the front yard!  But when we moved in, I was puzzled – the pond was gone.  Many years later I learned my father had filled it in, to be sure me (3) or my sister (1) didn’t fall in.  I also wondered occasionally about the wire over my grandmother’s fish pond.  Which didn’t stop us from enjoying feeding the gold fish oatmeal, or managing to stop up her fountain with a stick.

My brother remembers the pond, and has built his own, full of fish and water lilies, as shown in the photos above.  His is above ground in a long rectangular pine box along side their deck. 

The other photo, of the stone garden waterfall, was taken at a friend’s home.  The pond came with the house, and they’ve done a lovely job of enhancing it with a stone walk and plantings. 

Where’s your favorite fish pond/water feature?  What does it look like?


4 responses to “Water Features

  1. Why don’t you build a fish pond in your yard, or would the tree leaves choke it up? I bet Tim could get into competitive Koi raising!! Oh, then there’s Chloe….

  2. For faithful readers, here’s the story from my Aunt Ann on how Grandmama’s pool came to be screened over: Hi, Just to answer your question about why grandma covered her fish pond. It seems that I loved to watch the fish also but when I was very small I leaned over too far and fell in. Well the next day it was covered over and all the rest of the ponds from that time on were covered with wire.

  3. marinecol.dave

    That was Carlsbad, CA not Barstow. Yoy ween’t even a twinkle in your Dad’s e7e when we lived in Barstow!
    Love, Dad

  4. I stand corrected – when I hear Carlsbad I think of the caverns, not somewhere we lived. ct

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