Vending Experience – South of the James Market

The first thing you might have noticed is – no photos!  I was too busy setting up, demonstrating sewing on the handcrank, working with crank-powering kids, and even selling a bit.  Overall much fun, tho verrrry hot.  So this Saturday one of my good quilting buddies has loaned me her collapsible umbrella.  I’d stopped by her house to help with a cutting bee for our chapter’s charity quilts.  As we were relaxing after our efforts under her new pergola over their back patio, I mentioned in passing that I was on my way to Big Lots to get an umbrella.  “Here, take this one – we don’t need it now that we have the arbor!”  What a friend.  It breaks down and fits nicely in the craft mobile.  And handy-hubby figured out how to make it tilt.  The base even has small wheels (think heelies in those kids shoes) to make it easy to maneuver.

Back to last Saturday.  Several men came by and said “my mother had a handcrank sewing machine just like that.”  On asking where their mom was from, I got Viet Nam, Turkey, and Russia.  So my dad’s theory is maybe handcranks were easier for Singer to ship than treadles.  Any thoughts?  Also got a lot of “my mom had a treadle that looked like that one.”  Next time I’ll have to ask those folks where they’re from.

The Viet Namese fellow was here from Houston visiting his son and family, who shortly came by en masse.  A couple older ladies didn’t speak English, but managed well enough with the help of others in the clan to buy a small fairy and a Japanese flower bag.  Business as usual.  But then they wanted me to autograph the tags.  I was flattered, and even more so when they requested a photo of them with me and their recent purchase!  Never a dull moment.

If you’re in the area, come by Forest Hill Park this Saturday, 8am til noon, and check out South of the James Market.  Hope to see you there!


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