Artists I’ve Met and the Media General Collection

In early June I had the great pleasure of touring the Media General Art Collection with the two individuals responsible for its selection, Jack Blanton and Ann Ayers.  The event was put together by my good friend and master gardener, Betty Fahed.  In addition to seeing wonderful art work, with learned and insightful commentary, I discovered works by artists I’ve had the honor to meet and admire.

But first, lunch! Which was at Twenty Seven, an charming bistro downtown on Broad Street.  We chose it for its delicious cuisine, and because we had enjoyed Chef Carlos Silva and his excellent presentation and fare when we all worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.  You can see our motley crew in the photo above: Sharon, Scottie, Carlos, Ann, Betty, me, Jack, and Pat.

Joseph Burrough had several pieces in the collection of the Federal Reserve Bank that I enjoyed for many years, so it was a delight to come upon many of his works – three of which were comissioned and  displayed in the Media General Board Room, as shown above.  According to the catalog, they “depict the economies of Richmond in the three centuries during which Media General and its predecissors have served the information needs of Richmonders.”  For more info, see his web site at

Julia Pfaff is a well known art quilter in Richmond. In the late ’90’s, at my request as program chair, she spoke to my quilt chapter on her sources of inspiration.  From 2000 thru 2001, I daily enjoyed a large commissioned piece of hers based on a Greek temple, which hung in the office I occupied at the Bank at the time.  The photo above shows two of five works of hers that were commissioned to hang on the curved walls of the Media General Executive Reception area.  They’re based on the Tredegar Iron Works which can still be found along the James in downtown Richmond.  For more info on her background, see

We saw many other fine paintings, sculptures and collages, including work by my one-time water color teacher, Shelly Bechtel Shepherd (see and Nancy Witt, another artist with work at the Bank (see

Altogether a wonderful, inspiring afternoon.


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