Mountain Updates

Having a wonderful time!  Wish you were here!

So many happy happenings here at the Mountain House!  Tuesday and Wednesday, while momma and I were waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, we cruised Bryson City and found great deals on sheet sets at the Starvation Plantation – $10 a set!  We bought two, king and queen, and with the help of my trusty featherweight I whipped them into new cushion covers for the living room furniture.  Not before they were needed.  Then on Thursday, Ann, Ease and Dian came, and we’ve been eating high on the hog ever since!!  Sandra and Phil also came in up at Mary Lou’s house, so they joined us for dinner bounty that evening, roast beef, mashed potatoes, fresh squash and beans, with coca cola cake for dessert – photo of most of the gang by Phil.  Cousin Tim came by for lunch yesterday and we had another meal, spagetti this time, and a long visit with him.


We’ve been hiking, eating, visiting, and eating some more.  I plan to roll home on Monday! 


2 responses to “Mountain Updates

  1. I am so jealous of you all being together there – but so happy you got Mama to go with you!! Looks like wonderful times and the making of memories for the cold winter days. Hear any new family stories? Come up with any new TAPP strategies?

  2. marinecol.dave

    Great photos! Happy you “girls” could resume your annual get together! Too bad it had to be where you had to do your own cooking. But the other features must have overrode those objections! Look forward to seeing the Va. contingent Monday afternoon–late!

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