Moro Rock

While we were in the Sequoia National Park yesterday, we drove to the base of Moro Rock.  We’d seen the huge boulder shaped rock looming over the Park as we drove in that morning.  And there’s a trail to the top!  David and I took off for the summit!  Debbie and Donna elected to wait for us a ways up the trail, where they enjoyed the dramatic cloud action. We ascended on  400 stone steps and walkways around the rock, rising 300 feet in elevation.  The breeze at the top was deliciously cool, and the views were spectacular!

According to the plaques at the foot of the climb, Moro Rock was first seen by a white man, Hale Tharp, in 1858. In 1917 wooden steps were built straight up the crest of the rock.  These were replaced by the National Park Service in 1931 with the current winding approach.  Because of the sensitive design and craftsmanship of the stone steps, the trail was entered in the National Register of Historical Places in 1978.  (This information brought to you thru the miracle of the digicam and sisterly generousity, as I got the dreaded ‘card full’ message on the descent.)


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