Sequoia and Culpeper

About the only thing Sequoia and Culpeper have in common is this post! I wanted to show you the carving I did at Donna’s, with her coaching and assistance, and inspiration from the Park brochure. We didn’t see bears this year, but I still remember them clawing the old aluminum ice chest as I huddled on my shelf of the homemade camping trailer as a 4 year old!

Yesterday I was in Culpeper, loving the cool mountain air, for our Virginia Consortium of Quilter’s quarterly meeting. The four teachers and lecturer I lined up were well received by our 80+ attendees. I even managed to take a class this time – and I’m very pleased with the bag we made from a yard of material in under three hours! Should work well with the recently acquired decorator fabric.

Speaking of which, I did get covers made for the TV room furniture, but as it turned out, not from the uphostery bounty, as none of those pieces were large enough for 8 cushions. Found some sheets on sale instead. Carted the measured and labeled stash to my local chapter meeting and VCQ yesterday, and there’s not much left now! At least until Cousin June shows up tomorrow with another load. Hmmmm.


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