Best Birthday Presents

Last week we made a visit to one of the two best birthday presents a mom could have – new homes for her daughters! Both of ours this month moved into their first houses within a week and a half of each other, on opposite sides of the country. Seen above are photos of the East Coast edition, only a few miles south of us. We’re so pleased – grandchildren nearby!

As I mention in the captions for the pix, Geo (short for Georgie the Magnificient, or Geo Cache – take your pick) fits right in. Such a sweet kitty!

I had a chance to see the West Coast version prior to closing, while I was out there last month. Very nice! And in typical California style, there was fresh ripe fruit growing in the back yard – grapes, apricots and nectarines. Reports are that Zeek, their panther-wanna-be, has settled in. You may remember him from earlier posts – he spent February with us as wedding preparations were underway.

Sadly, on a recent regular vet visit, he was diagnosed with Feline HIV (see for more info), but is holding his own. He’s always roamed widely and fought whenever he got the chance. Those days are gone now, as he’s become an inside cat, so as not to infect others.


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