Deep Creek Tubin’

In the NC Mountains last week the young adult contingent (Julia, Whit, Joyce) did Deep Creek, while the young at heart contingent (DK and me) waded with the young things (Eli and Lily). Water was very cold, as usual, but the day was hot. Creek flow was also very low, which cut down a bit on rapid-shooting excitement, but was ideal for the munchkins. Eli, clever lad, was very cautious about slipping on the rocks and spent his time tossing pebbles and small boulders into the creek from a secure position near the bank. Lily, on the otherhand, knew no fear and was ready to walk on water, or anything that would get her into it.

Check it out next time you’re in Bryson City – tubes with plastic seats, $4 a day. Or wooden seats, $3 (and run the risk of splinters in tender backsides). For just $5 a day you can luxuriate in colorful plastic tubes with head rests! Deals at any price. And the flow should be a bit stronger, now that Torpical Storm Faye has blown thru with much needed moisture.


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