Minature Gardens

I remember the first terrarium I saw – I was 11 years old and fascinated. Our minister’s wife in Tory, New York had made one in a large jar for her children and explained how it made its own rain. Shortly after we were married I made dozens of them to sell in the gift shop at work.

A mother fern was the impetus for these recent minature gardens. It’s had a hard life, due to the catapillars and squirrels who find its fronds so tasty. As a result it hasn’t produced any babies since last summer. It also seems to require more humidity than it was getting in an open pot. I’ve had one of the last babies it produced in a small covered jar for the past year, and it’s been doing very well. So I was going to put it in the fish tank terrarium, and I trotted to the local greenhouse to collect a few more plants to keep it company.

There, as usual, I gleefully bought more plants than would fit in the fish tank! Thus, three small gardens! First I came across the plants for use with Bonsai – a small plum, a dwarf cherry, and a creeping plant with tiny pink flowers. I’ve been looking at the Stepables all summer – they’re low growning plants for use around stepping stones and paths. Several of those, of shade tolerant varieties, went in the shopping basket. The helpful associate suggested another shade-lover. It seems a bit large, but we’ll see how it does.

Back at the ranch I planted the mirrored container my dear daughter gave me several years ago, the plantings of which have long since moved on to larger pots. Moving on, the small fish tank was transformed; then the cookie jar that was one of the original terrariums I sold, graciously returned by the customer after she was thru with it. Check the photo descriptions for details on what plants are in each. All are doing very well!


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