Don’t be afeared

This month my book club is reading Heart in the Right Place, a memoir by Carolyn Jourdan, which I finally got around to last night.  Good read about the trials of a rural country physician, and his daughter coming to terms with what’s important in her life. It reminded me of Bryson City Tales by Walt Larimore. At one point Carolyn’s overwhelmed by the loss of a patient, and a friend tells her:

“You know how in Bible stories whenever an angel shows up, first thing he always says is, ‘Fear not!'”


“Well, it took me most of my life, but I finally figured out that he’s not trying to comfort us when he says that.  He’s giving us an order.  It’s a command given more than 300 times in the Bible.  The Lord’s telling us not to let ourselves be afraid.  We can’t afford to be scared.  It just gets in the way of us doing whatever it is that we’re suppose to be doing.”

I’m tempted to share the whole page, but that’s the kernel. (buy the book)  It spoke to me – stepping out beyond or in spite of fear is key to keeping control of your life.  Much of marketing and basic news reporting purposely encourages fear, to cast the item being marketed, or the story being sold, as salvation from an anxiety you may not have realized you even had.  Not to mention the fears and apprehension we’re capable of coming up with all on our own! 

So keep a positive attitude (you’ve heard that before), and keep a tight rein on terror, whatever its source.


3 responses to “Don’t be afeared

  1. Ain’t that the truth.

  2. Feel free to share the story. I’d be honored if you did. Blessings.

    Walt Larimore, M.D.
    Author: Bryson City Tales, Bryson City Seasons, Bryson City Secrets.

  3. Yeah, what she said.
    (although, the reason the angel, particularly when it ws the Angel of the Lord, always said “fear not” is because it was believed whomever saw the face of God or his highest angel would die on the spot. Reading the Old Testament lately…)

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