Charms of Children

I had an opportunity to sit with Eli and Lily Saturday while their parents took a break.  It went very well!  (says the grandmother-in-training) They’d both just napped and eaten, and were in good moods.  The weather was cool and pleasant so went for a walk, played with the bike and trike, rolled acrons down the slides, and generally enjoyed ourselves.  As the air got nippy we moved inside.  Geo the kitten was pleased to have some company and stayed in the middle of the activity.  Both kids are big fans of Cinderella, so I brought a music box/bank that Grandpa and I found that plays a tune when you deposit a coin!  It took Eli about ten seconds to discover that you don’t need a coin, you can just press the little spools of thread at Cinderella’s feet and Cinderella will spin to the music, then say a few words.  It was a thrill to see their excitement!


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