Road Trip!

Yesterday I joined Hospitality Quilt chapter for a bus trip to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Chantilly, VA.  42 of us had a great time with the vendors, classes and quilt exhibits.  It runs thru Sunday if you’re in the area – more info at 

As part of our group package, we were able to sign up for two classes.  I took Multi-Media Backgrounds with Barb Callahan of Venice, FL: ; and Recreating the Surface with Cindy Losekamp of New Trenton, Indiana: 

Best tips from Barb were to use the double needle on the sewing machine for pin tucks; use pigment ink stamp pads for fabric (I can never remember which ink is best); and a hot tip on a dye from the cake baking aisle – Wilton Icing Dyes.  Here’s a link to info on that last item that suggests it for yarn; Barb suggested it might also work for fabric tho she hasn’t tried it yet:

Cindy introduced me to precut silk screens – who knew such a thing existed?!  Probably all of you reading this, as I’m a bit behind at times!  She mixed the Jacquard Lumiere paints ( ) with half and half with shaving cream then spread over the silkscreen on the fabric.  Excellent results.  I can’t wait to try out my Jacquard Textile Traditionals to see if they will work as well.  And may play around with stencils from contact paper…anyone given that a whirl?


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