Mischief Afoot

After we got the quilt at a stopping place, I headed a couple of miles south to daughter Julia’s establishment.  Had the pleasant opportunity to sit at her shoulder while she sewed!!  She kept at it thru our conversation, as she needed to finish the Boltz Baby Bather for an upcoming baby shower, and the kids were due up from their naps momentarily.  Geo was keeping an eye on the process, reminescent of the days when kittens Louise and Squeaky almost got their tails sewed to my projects.

Then the whirlwinds awoke and Seamstress became Mom.  For those of you lucky enough to have or had toddlers, the kitchen scene may look familiar.  Can you spot the prime mischief maker?

I count myself blessed to have such wonderful family.  (And hopefully they’re still speaking to me after discovering this post!)


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