State Fair Ribbons!

Fair Ribbons

Fair Ribbons

My photography associate was kind enough to take this photo for me yesterday with my State Fair entries.  I was pleasantly surprised and the recognition they received – a 1st on the maidenhair fern decorated gourd bowl (fern picked along side Brush Creek Road); 2nd on my water themed hat; and a 3rd on Lily’s doll, commissioned by her Grandpa for last Christmas!  The quilted wall hanging of the zinnias and blue bottles garnered a note: “applique of flowers well handled,” which was more than I expected considering the competition in that section.  So I brought home a check for $5 (only the blue ribbon paid) – every little bit helps!

2 responses to “State Fair Ribbons!

  1. Congrats!!! Your gourds are the best, I love mine you made! (didn’t I tell you state fairs are great for an ego boost 🙂 ?)

  2. Well done!! I agree – I love my fern gourd 🙂
    And the applique flowers are also tops with me.

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