Buckingham Baptist Cemetery

To step back to last week, on Friday my parents, cousin Eunice and I drove up to Buckingham county for a graveside service for my father’s first cousin Cora, who passed away in February at the age of 99, with her fifth husband at her side.  A memorial service was held in Philadelphia at that time – we were present for the burying of her ashes.  My grandfather, both his wives, my Uncle Clarence, and Daddy’s cousin Cernata are also buried there at Buckingham Baptist Church. 

From the historical marker at the site: The original southwest wing of the building was erected in 1758 as a Church of England parrish church.  After 1784 it was used as a time as a tavern, then acquired by the Baptists and has served continuously since as the meeting house of Buckingham Baptist Church, which was itself constituted May 7, 1771.

It was a beautiful fall day, and 18 of us were led by Cora’s daughter in devotions followed by reminisces from those present.  They remembered her humor, her financial independence obtained thru canny real estate commerce liberally enhanced with blood and sweat, her sewing and tailoring expertise, her love of thift stores and good deals.  A good, full life.


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