Weave-it / Loomette

Have you seen one of these?  Similar to the old pot holder looms, but I think they predate them.  Check out these websites for more info: http://www.eloomanation.com/  for old Weave-it and Loomette publications dated late ’40’s; and http://www.rogersstark.com/wool/weave/weave.htm for a how-to on building one.

I found the second link after my dad had kindly constructed the one you see in the photo.  It works great!  I did my first patch last evening in about 30 minutes.  The crochet hook worked OK, but it needs to be skinnier with a deeper hook, so will probably make one out of a clothes hanger.  I just used a simple weave pattern, as shown in the first link above.  However, they’re some more complex weaves shown in the vintage publications which I may try at some point. 

I was fascinated by one of these looms that I saw at the Sewing Expo in Chantilly.  My hope is that I can use some of the wool that I spun last year with my drop spindle; tho I’m thinking it may be a bit thick.  However, the yarn cousin Barb sent me from their alpacas should be just right!  So I’ll try another test patch with improved hook, then go for the fibre!


2 responses to “Weave-it / Loomette

  1. If you need a different hook, you could always carve one out of a chopstick or skewer. I know I have skewers around, and probably a set of chopsticks if you want to try. 🙂
    The weave looks great!!! Now it makes sense to me!

  2. This has been one of most popular posts! And just today I discovered there is a new updated version of this type loom called a “Zoom Loom”! Here’s a link to info: http://schachtspindle.com/item/zoom-loom/

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