Musings on Saturday

Yesterday was a full – birthday party for our 2 year old granddaugher, Richmond Quilter’s Guild biennial quilt show, and storms off and on throughout the day.  I got photos of all of it, but my favorites are these of the storm clouds as I headed home for the show, around 5pm.  I love the blues.

What I didn’t get a pix of was the gas station sign – $1.97 a gallon!  Actually, I would have had to take that photo Friday night when huband and I saw it on the way home, after the station had closed, because by yesterday afternoon when I got there to fill up, it had changed to $2.19 a gallon.  So what do you think – was it really $1.97 a gallon, or was that just a come on to stoke up business for Saturday?!

On another topic, I love WordPress.  Each morning I check my blogstats to see who might have discovered these postings, and how, perhaps, they came to them.  Yesterday someone searched on ‘”but is it art” poem.’  They got a hit on this blog, since I’ve included a verse of that title.  But I couldn’t imagine that’s what they were looking for.  So I tried the search myself, and came upon an excellent poem by Rudyard Kipling, The Conundrum of the Workshops: –  Check it out – I think you’ll enjoy.


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