Houston Favorites

You see here my favorite quilt from the International Quilt Festival, and the item that captured my imagination. 

The quilt, by Leslie Gabrielse, is titled “Nature Vivante.”  Leslie’s comments on the quilt: “techniques: hand sewn and painted; Design Source: a vist to Rome’s Campo Di Flori; A handcart filled with huge pumpkins inspired me to make this piece. A woman was loading up the pumpkins. A window suggests and indoor situation. I used the color gray as backdrop but the color slipped into the pumpkins and her face.  The color gray became part of the image.”  What appealed to me about this quilt, in addition to the subject matter, was the vintage nature of the fabrics.  They’re very different from what I see currently in our quilt stores.  I also felt the face was very well done, and the view thru the window had a very European feel to me.

The item that caught my attention in one of the vendor booths was a huge acorn!  When I stopped to stare, the vendor was kind enough to take it out of the jewlery case where it was adding a bit of ambience so that I might more closely examine it.  And then she pulled two more from another case!  I was entranced.  After doing a bit of research yesterday, I learned they come from a Bur Oak, alternately spelled Burr, a type of White Oak seen most typically from the Appalachians thru the mid West.  If you happen to have a couple in your back yard, would you swap for fabric?!


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