Virginia Consortium of Quilters and the Piedmont Arts Association

I’ve just returned from Collinsville/Martinsville, site of our quarterly Virginia Consortium of Quitlers meeting.  We journey to Martinsville in even numbered years so that we can attend the opening of the Piedmont Arts Association’s biennial invitational Art of the Quilt show, curated by Linda Fiedler.  The show, tho small, is always excellent.  Shown above is just one example of the high quality and innovation displayed in the selections.  This one is by Yolanda Ann Reardon, titled “A Walk in the Woods”.  Her note on the quilt: “..shows the many treasures of nature.  When you walk, remember to look down from time to time.  Fabric: cotton, pieced, appliqued and quilted by machine, hand beaded.”  I have several of those intricate plates sluffed off from old turtle shells….

At our meeting we presented out outgoing president, Marty Moon, with a quilt made by members of VCQ.  You see it displayed above in a pieced together photo, held by Kitty Bull on the left and Elaine Myers on the right – ringleaders of the effort!  I didn’t get a pix of Marty accepting the quilt – just as well, she was all teared up.


One response to “Virginia Consortium of Quilters and the Piedmont Arts Association

  1. Hi Cathy!
    I’m looking forward to viewing this exhibit of quilts at the Piedmont Arts Association. I’ll look for your quilts.
    I found your blog because, as an innkeeper, I have a Google alert for “Martinsville, Virginia”. I find it interesting to hear about some of the events in Martinsville that get posted online. While there are many repetitive entries for unemployment and politics, sometimes I come across an interesting story such as yours. Thanks for posting you pictures and comments.

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