Houston ATC Swap

You may remember from an earlier post that I made some artist trading cards to take to Houston with me for the Cloth Paper Scissors sponsored swap.  The first day we were there I made a beeline for that booth, and found close to 100 ATC’s posted on a swap wall – take one, leave one – with velcro dots available to help with posting.  You see above the ones I came home with!  Excellent variety of fabric and paper, some themed to the holidays or entertainment, and some not.  When I got my self together after the trip, I sent e-mails to those who had included their addresses on the backs of their cards, thanking them for the swap.  I heard back from several of them, from as far away as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Houston, Scottland!  Philippa, of BC, was one of 40+ ladies who came to the show from her guild! 

A day or so later, I received an e-mail from a quilter, Marianne, who discovered when she got home that she’d selected four of my cards!  That message was particularly interesting to me, as it was in French.  My resident translator not available at the time, I successfully premiered the Google translator to learn my correspondent was in Switzerland!  The following morning, I received a note from Andrea, who also swapped ATCs at Houston and whom I’d traded messages with earlier, attaching Marianne’s message with the addition of a web site that showed the ATC’s Marianne had taken home from Houston!  So then I could see which cards she’d selected – great fun!  Perhaps you had to be there.  Anyway, here’s Marianne’s site – remember the Google translator if like me you’re mono-linguial: http://malice1618.skyrock.com/


6 responses to “Houston ATC Swap

  1. what pretty cards! I went on the malice website and started to watch the transfer to fabric video but got interrupted.

  2. Merci pour cette pub et encore félicitations pour vos cartes

  3. merci pour votre pub et encore bravo pour vos cartes, dommage que vous n’ayez pas échangé une de moi

  4. Donna, I also watched the video on photo transfer that Marianne’s linked to. At Houston they showed us a technique that also uses the inkjet transparencies. You print your image on the transparency, then spray the inked side with alcohol, then burnish to the fabric. Peel up a corner and check for tranfer – you may need to burnish further, or even spray the back of the fabric with additional alcohol. This worked fairly well, but I’m still looking for an inexpensive source for the transparencies. One of the Make it and Take it sessions also introduced a new product, info at http://transferartist.com/, that works with an iron – excellent results. Still pricey, but I ordered some to play with.

  5. Marianne, Yes, I also wish I’d got home with one of your cards! But now I can check your blog and see your lovely quilts!

  6. If your cards aren’t art; I don’t know what art is. They are exquisitely creative.

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