Adventures with The Bags

I’m enthralled with quilting, and I’ve had the good fortune to fall in with a group of 6 or so like minded women, who share that pursuit along with others of a fiber/artistic nature.  Five of us have season tickets to the Barksdale at Willow Lawn in Richmond, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.  A typical evening: Chatter, laugh, eat dinner, giggle, view the play, critique, chortle, go home happy.  So far we’ve seen The Clean House and This Wonderful Life – both with excellent actors, intriguing staging, high points, and challenges.  I wouldn’t be getting out to plays otherwise, and the company is great fun. 

This weekend I had the added pleasure of joining the group on Saturday for a day of quilting, spinning, doll-making, and general sharing of expertise in Bruington, VA.  The country setting alone is worth the trip, not to mention good fellowship and delicious lunch! 

I picked up tips on yarns and knitting – I want to make some socks.  Jury’s still out on whether I’ll bust out of my comfort zone and try knitting, or reduce the opportunity for disaster and stick with crocheting.  I’d hoped to use the yarn I spun with the drop spindle last year (or was it 2006?), but looks like that will work better for a hat.  So may give the alpacha fibre from cousin John a try.

I’d planned to try spinning on Beth’s spinning wheel, and took all my wool, but chickened out.  Maybe next time!  She knit the shawl shown in detail above, and the one she’s wearing in the group photo.  Beautiful work!

I was fascinated with the faces Debby made for her dolls using push molds, and the incredibly small hands.  She gave me several websites to check out, and tips on gluing seams before turning to increase chance that they will hold. 

It is indeed, a Wonderful Life.


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