‘WERTY University

With the sun rising lower and lower in the late Autumn sky, its bright welcome rays have neccesitated moving my computer.  Since we went fiber optic last Spring, and moved the network router from the center of the house to the outside edge, further away from my studio, I’ve been working at the kitchen table.  Great views of the squirrels and humming birds thru the glass doors, better response when working online, blinding headaches when the sunlight starts pouring in.

Yesterday I gave up and relocated to an old sewing machine cabinet in the dining room.  To give myself a little more legroom, I moved aside my treasured Royal portable typewriters which were stored underneath.  Of course I had to open and play with each one in the process.  And here’s what I found…

december 4, 2006

“dear santa,

     i’ve been goood all year – or at least most of it.  and those times i slipped i was really trying.  so please remember xx me on christmas.  

this is what i would like to have: 

  • a day spent with our children and grandchildren
  • a palm pilot life manager
  • beatles cds
  • a gourd saw/tools
  • or whatever you think i would enjoy

have a good flight!

                                                      your faithful supporter,

                                                                        cathy sue”

The list has changed a little – instead of a Palm Pilot Life Manager, I’m dreaming of a Palm-like cell phone.  But family is still at the top of the lists, as I suspect it is for many of us.  May your holidays bring you all you’ve hoped for, even if you didn’t realize that’s what you wanted in the first place!


One response to “‘WERTY University

  1. ditto to your thoughts – we are sad that Whit won’t be home for the holidays. Devon comes in Thursday and I’m baking and making…pressies may arrive by New Years!!!

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