Ornaments Past

Its always a treat for me to bring out the Christmas ornaments at the end of the year, and revisit their stories. 

The doll in the red wreath was brought back by my sister from one of her European jaunts.  Actually, I think she gave it to my parents, and it came to me when they passed on their Christmas trimmings in one of their downsizing purges.  It makes me think of German Christmas markets – maybe I’ll visit them one of these years!

The blue ball is one of my favorites – I remember it captivating me as I played under the tree in Parris Island.  I would have been around six years old.  I have a second one that’s yellow – both of them rattle when you shake them – old glitter that’s come loose?  They’re just plastic, but I love the texture of the color.

The ASAP ornament is from Hallmark (its a stamp!) – my work buddies and I bought several of them around 1997 when we were working on an application for the Treasury by the same acronym.  In that case it stood for A Standard Application for Payment – for easy online access to grant payments, rather than A Santa Approved Person!  We gave one of them to our Treasury contact, Bill Lehmuth, the driving force behind the successful application development effort.  So glad I’m retired!


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