Hand Carved Stamps

I think I’m ready for Christmas (tomorrow!!), so here’s an update on what’s coming up in February.  I’m hoping to teach a hand carved stamp class, if enough folks sign up.  The challenge with classes is you have to have the samples and info ready a couple of months ahead of time!  So yesterday I finished the samples and took them over to Quilting Adventures.  I was trying to come up with a few simple uses of the stamped fabric, so that the students can learn the techniques and also get some ideas of what to do with the stamped images. We’ll see how it goes!

You may notice a stamp pad in one of the photos above, but we’ll actually be using fabric paints and brayers.  I’ve found kits for the lino cutters, handle, and carving material.  But not sure what to do about brayers, as they’re a bit more expensive.  May check out the local hardware store, per resident hardware-type guy.

I’m particularly pleased with the notecards.  I cut an opening in the card with an exacto knife.  Then ironed wonder under to the back of a square of stamped material, and fused it to a larger square of paper.  Then tacked the fabric/paper square to the inside of the card with glue dots so that the image would show thru.  I was going to emboss the edges of the card opening, but had textile gold paint at hand, so used that.  May do a few more to have on hand!

For the blurb on the class, and calendar info, see danspringscollection.wordpress.com.


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